Manage Your Band Like A Pro!

Bands, Songs, Setlists, Gigs, Charts - with Bluetooth Control

IMPORTANT NOTICE: iBandManager Pro will be discontinued effective June 30th, 2016. See News for more details.


Manage Your Band - From Your Couch Or The Gig

Band Details

Track contact information, social networking links, and members for multiple bands.


Create songs from scratch or linked with iTunes. Track song attributes and attach multiple charts.


Create setlists from existing songs or iTunes playlists with easy add, delete, drag/drop.


Create gigs from setlists and track gig and venue details. Communicate gig information to band members or social networks.



Import almost any file format. Move through the charts in setlist order with easy swipe gestures.

Bluetooth Control

Go Hands-Free with AirTurn® and PageFlip®! Scroll chart pages up/down. Navigate songs in chart or setlist mode.

Data Sharing

Keep all of your band members in-sync by sharing data objects via Airdrop or Email.

In-App Purchase Required (Advanced Charts & Live Mode)

Advanced Charts

Powered by PSPDFKit®, the engine used by Evernote®, Dropbox®, Box®, and others. Annotate your PDFs with different types including “sticky” notes, free text, drawings, embedded images, and audio. Annotations are embedded into the PDF and available in most PDF readers. Even snap a pic, annotate it, and use it as a chart.

  • Powered by PSPDFKit®
  • Create new charts from scratch, by snapping a picture, or importing an existing file
  • Import most file formats – pdf, text, rtf, jpg, png, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • Annotate charts with many different types including embedded images and audio
  • Toggle chart display between Day and Night mode

Live Mode

Everything you need to perform live in one view. View all settings for the current song while keeping an eye on what's up next with the next song title display. Go hands-Free with AirTurn® and PageFlip® bluetooth pedals to scroll pages up/down or advance the current song.

  • Fully configurable audio/visual tap tempo indicator
  • Fully controllable media toolbar for setlist playback
  • Easily swipe left/right to change songs
  • Intelligent auto-scroll with speed adjustment
  • Configurable Bluetooth pedal control
In-App Purchase Required (Advanced Charts & Live Mode)


Overview & Navigation



iBandManager Pro Discontinuation

iBandManager Pro will be discontinued effective June 30th, 2016. This means it will be removed from sale and no further updates for bug fixes or new features will be released. Please look into other solutions long-term for managing your band information.
I want to thank all of you who have been die-hard users, beta testers, bug-finders, and cheerleaders over the years. Many of you have been customers since we released the original iBandManager app in 2011, and we have sincerely appreciated your support.
-- Ben Shepherd, CEO/Co-Founder, Kineso

Release Notes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: iBandManager Pro will be discontinued effective June 30th, 2016. See News for more details.

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